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The New Raman Reti community is one of the largest Krishna conscious congregations in North America. Originally a small temple in nearby Gainesville, the farm acreage was purchased in 1977, and the small local community moved there.

During the '90s, this small community blossomed, built a large temple, and expanded services to the congregation. There is an extensive temple and deity worship facility, as well as rural farming, schools, theater, dance, youth, and outreach programs.

New Raman Reti is also the home of, Back to Godhead magazine, ISKCON Prison Ministry, Child Protection team, and much more.

Govinda's Gift Shop Hours
Sunday | 2:30pm-7:30pm
Daily | By Appointment

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New Raman Reti Dham
17306 NW 112th Blvd
Alachua, FL 32615
United States
Phone: 386-462-2017
Fax: 352-505-7935
29° 48' 46.6128" N, 82° 27' 56.3328" W
Guest Facilities
Mens' Ashram
Womens' Ashram
Sunday Feast
Daily Prasadam
Gift Shop
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Temple Service Times: 

Daily Schedule

4:30am | Mangala Arati
5:10am | Tulasi Puja
7:20am | Sringara Arati & Guru Puja
8:00am | Srimad Bhagavatam (scripture) class
9:00am Breakfast served
12:00 | Raja Bhoga Arati
12:30pm | Lunch served | Curtains closed
4:15pm | Dhupa Arati | Curtains open
6:30pm | Sandhya Arati
7:10pm | Curtains Closed
8:50pm | Sayana Arati
9:00pm | Curtains Closed

Sunday Program Schedule
7:20 am - 7:20 pm Deity Darshan

4:15 pm | Arati and Kirtan
5:15 pm | Gita Lecture
6:00 pm | Vegetarian Feast Prasadam
8:50 pm | Sayana Arati
9:00 pm | Curtains Closed
Curtains are open for extended time (7:20 AM - 7:20 PM) on Sundays and major festival days.

Please visit their website for more information on regular community schedules and features, and other special events.

Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday | 10:00am-3:00pm