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New Talavana is a temple/farm. It conducts a full scale deity worship program and observes major Gaudiya Vaisnava festivals. We operate one of the largest cow protection programs outside India and produce all the milk used at New Talavana.
There is organic gardening and orchards of fruits and nuts. The food we produce is often used at our vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants, Good Karma Cafes, on the Mississippi Coast.
Currently our guest facility is limited but we still manage to host many people including Workers on Organic Farms, visiting devotees, guest from other temples and occasionally life members of ISKCON. Please contact us for a visit or just join in at the Sunday festival program beginning at NOON.

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New Talavana
31492 Anner Road
Carriere, MS 39426
United States
Phone: 601-749-9460
30° 36' 59.9652" N, 89° 39' 7.5672" W
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4:30am | Morning Worship
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8:00pm | Temple Closes

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