Why is the new Temple Directory so small?

The original temple directory was developed by a friend and supporter, and when he could no longer maintain it, he asked Krishna.com to adopt it. We have been doing the best we could with it, but over time the software developed quirks and the information became very outdated.

We originally wanted to just not offer it because it wasn’t very useful as it was, but so many people objected, we knew we had to keep it. But it wasn’t possible to fix it, so we had to decide to start from scratch. We did some research, asked people for opinions, and decided we also need to offer a lot more information about each temple listed.

Thus began the tedious project of contacting every temple we could and asking them to fill in a form to provide updated and extended information, so we could provide our visitors with good information on each temple.

You see only a few listings here in our directory because either the information we had on a temple was completely out of date, or the temple did not respond and update their information. So…

If your temple is not listed in the Directory, it’s because we haven’t heard back from anyone! Help us get your temple’s updated and extended info. Please have your local temple contact us at directory@krishna.com so we can send your temple information on filling out our simple form.

Thank you! Keep checking back since we’re adding temples, projects and affiliates as quickly as we can. ** And next we’re developing our LINKS section to offer a directory for other Krishna conscious websites, projects, businesses, and more!