List of Temples

Your regularly updated and fully searchable directory of ISKCON temples around the world. If your temple is not listed, read this to find out why.

City: Edmonton
Phone: 780-439-9999
Sri Sri Radha Govindaji Vedic Cultural Society
Country: Canada
City: Eungella
ISKCON New Govardhana
Country: Australia
City: Farmington Hills
Phone: (734) 680-6577
Iskcon Farmington Hills
Country: United States
City: Haridwar
Phone: +91.1334.260818
Sri Sri Gour Radha Krishna Mandir
Country: India
City: Hillsborough
Phone: 919.732.6492
New Goloka Dham
Country: United States
City: Honolulu
Phone: 808.595.4913
New Navadvip Dham
Country: United States
City: Houston
Phone: 713.686.4482
Hare Krishna Dham
Country: United States
City: Hyderabad
Phone: 040-24607089
Sri Sri Radha-Madanmohan Mandir
Country: India
City: Imphal
Phone: 91.385.245.5693
Manipur ISKCON Temple
Country: India
City: Brooklyn
Phone: (718) 855-6714
Sri Sri Radha-Govinda Temple
Country: United States
City: Plainfield
Phone: (973) 519-3374
Country: United States
City: Jaipur
Phone: 0141.2781860
Giridhari Dauji Temple
Country: India
City: Jakarta
Phone: +6221.3454562
Sri Nilacala Ksetra Dhama
Country: Indonesia
City: Jandelsbrunn
Phone: +49.8583.316
Simhachalam Narasimha Farm
Country: Germany
City: Kanpur
Phone: 91.0512.2076000
Sri Sri Radha Madhav Mandir
Country: India
City: Kansas City
Phone: (816) 924-5619
Rupanuga Vedic College
Country: United States
City: Karlštejn
Phone: +420311516558
Sri Sri Nitai Navadvipacandra Mandir and the Centre of Vedic Studies
Country: Czech Republic
City: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
Phone: 9122 27740037
Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohanji Temple
Country: India
City: Koeln
Phone: +49.221.830.37.78
Country: Germany
City: Kopavogur
Phone: +3548578585
ISKCON Iceland
Country: Iceland
City: Laguna Beach
Phone: 949.494.7029
Sri Panca-Tattva Mandir
Country: United States
City: Lome
Phone: +228 93183678
Lome ISKCON Temple
Country: Togo
City: London
Phone: +44.20.7437.3662
The Radha-Krishna Temple
Country: United Kingdom
City: Los Angeles
Phone: (310) 837-5283
New Dvaraka Dhama
Country: United States
City: Luçay le Mâle
Phone: 0254402395
New Mayapura Dham
Country: France
City: Ludhiana
Phone: 161.2770600
Sri Sri Jagannath Temple
Country: India
City: Mayapur
Phone: 3472.245239
Sri Mayapura Chandrodaya Mandir
Country: India
City: Melbourne
Phone: +61.3.9699.5122
Mahaprabhu Mandir
Country: Australia
City: Coconut Grove
Phone: 305.461.1348
New Naimisaranya Dham
Country: United States
City: Montreal
Phone: 514.521.1301
Sri Sri Radha Manohara Temple
Country: Canada